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On this journey of a happy, healthy and a better life, I love to revisit my old days only to catch a glimpse of the chubby person that I was and compare it with the stronger and confident person I am today. Take a glance at a photo from 2012 below. Yep!! you are looking at a 35 lbs heavier me.


I grew up as a carefree kid , binge eating on every possible opportunity. To cover that , I would like to share a small detail on my place of origin. I hail from the beautiful country, India, renowned across the world for its rich culture and cuisine with fascinating history of food. With that, I self proclaim myself a ‘foodie’. My happiest moments are cooking and eating lip smacking food. Am I missing something??? Ooh yeah, the chocolates and ice cream.. Aah I am already drooling!!

2012, I never cared what ‘being fit’ meant. My love for food knew no bound. I worked for long hours, came back home only to watch TV and take out the frustration of the day by indulging in delicious and unhealthy food. A lack of balance in life failed me. Adding to that, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and was strongly recommended extreme weight loss. Even in my wildest dream, I never thought about dropping my guards and hitting the gym.

2013, I moved to ‘US of A’ to pursue MBA. Life in states felt very different from what I was used to. While I was absorbing cultural shock, I also had to keep up with the high standards which I set for myself. At this point, I started to rediscover myself and was blown away by the fact that how fitness plays an important part in conquering life goals. Engaging myself in fitness routine, all I wanted was to become strong and healthy.

usa first pic
My first picture in America, PS : I weighed around 160 lbs

 Its strange how you discover your interest and eventually similar things start popping on your way only to amaze you further. While I was trying to grasp the wonder that fitness does to your body, my cousin, Supriya introduced me to Beachbody. This was a huge moment in my life as I had never done anything of this kind before. Breaking through my bad habits , I started following the program – 21 Day Fix and lost about 15 lbs of weight doing 3 rounds of it. This was the first milestone of my fitness journey

Fast forward to the most recent times, I got married to a wonderful person, Mradul in 2015 and truly feel myself to be lucky to share the same passion of fitness and life with him.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-28 at 10.24.07 AM
This is my fav pic from our wedding is a team work by me and my husband 🙂 We learn together, we play together. I make training plans and he makes sure we finish it strong, hitting through our goals, I love to cook and explore food and he is my best critic.

Our first anniversary, Dec 2016, Lake Tahoe, CA

I spent the year 2016, experimenting various workout routines and diet. When I say workout routine, it was mainly Cardio, Mradul kept pushing me to get to the weights section and give them a try, it will help losing fat and make me stronger, but like many other girls, I though ‘Lifting’ will make me bulky and I can’t believe how wrong I was. Well I will explain that in a blog post later 🙂

So far, my weightloss has been very on and off because I wasn’t able to keep up with the food. I restricted myself too much and eventually end up overeating every time, cons of being a foodie and trying to be fit. The year 2017 has been an eye opener for me. I finally came across how easy it is to lose weight while still enjoying food delicacies, lost about 10 lbs of weight and 4% of body fat . The goal is to live an overall healthy lifestyle  – NO DIET PLAN !!!

This picture is from July 2017, I have lost 35 lbs since the first picture in this post

 My fitness journey has seen a lots up and down, like every other human, I have my days when I feel strong and then days when I feel blown away and see a lack of commitment. I am still not there where I want to be, and I don’t know how long it will take for me to get there, but all I know is ” I have come so far and I won’t give up”.

With this blog, I want to reach out to all the amazing people who are interested in learning from each other, embarking upon the fitness journey together, sharing the same passion and goals in life. You are looking at a next door girl, time is tight, YES, but I am trying to fit everything in a week and so can you! We all have constraints, but we should be able to run a healthy hectic life.

Food and Fitness, Let’s do this !!!!




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