Did you make a New Year Resolution?

Hey there !!

It has been long since I have done a blog post. Hope you all started 2018 with a blast.

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I returned from my one-month long trip to India in the first week of January, took couple of days to settle down, and then back to the grind. Work, crossfit, tracking food and my handsome husband keeps me busy enough to keep this life interesting.

After coming back, I am really missing my mom’s handmade food. I have been slow in cooking but gradually gearing up and getting back on the road to keep an eye on my total calorie intake.

Today during lunch, my colleague offered me sweets and I politely said ‘No, I am trying to cut’. She asks, “Did you make a New Year Resolution?“

I sighed a bit and said no, even though I believe 100% in goals and being the best version of myself, I do not believe in New Year Resolution.

January is the month of the year which inspires us all to reflect and figure how we can improve our self, but if you think for a moment, don’t everyday prayer work better than a new year resolution?

No doubt why gym membership spikes in the beginning of the year and slowly taper off in the coming months. It is a great marketing scheme to lure people into spending a lot of money in becoming a better version of themselves.

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When I say I don’t believe in New Year Resolution, I am saying I do not believe in suddenly setting massive expectation for myself at one time of the year when I haven’t really thought about making a change all throughout the year.

1st of January is a great time to re-evaluate things and start with a clean slate, think about what you want from life. A feeling to refresh and start again, this day is indeed inspiring. It is a perfect time to think about what you have achieved so far and how can you add up by setting new goals.

But if we treat a resolution as a total game changer, then I alert you my friend, this won’t be fun and will come along with a lot of disappointment for the rest of the days in that year, you will again wait for the next New Year’s Day to start another change in your life, and this vicious cycle will continue.

Having a start date for any of my goals have often set me up for failure.  Instead, why not take every day as a new beginning, every day as a chance to set new goals, improve and become a better version of yourself.

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Strike off new year resolution from your list and make every day significant by starting fresh, setting new boxes, exercise, eat better, be grateful and smile 😊

Enjoy goal setting but not only on the first day of the year, but even on the remaining 364 days.



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