How exercise became a habit with no background in fitness

If you have already read my story, you will know that there was a time when I hardly cared what being ‘Fit’ meant. My life was all about waking up in the morning, having breakfast, rushing to work, coming back, eat dinner, watch TV and sleep. After I was diagnosed with Thyroid, there wasn’t much option left.

Fast forward to present, I have eased myself into a balanced lifestyle, enjoying more and sacrificing less. I workout 5-6 times a week, eat clean and relish my favorite butter scotch pudding once in a while.

If you are at the same place as I was few years back, or you are trying to get yourself back on a fitness regimen, don’t worry !! I promise no superhero skills are needed.


I wanted to share few things which genuinely helped me in staying motivated and becoming consistent –

Don’t stress about it, Start small – Exercise comes along with a whole lot of expectations and desires. We tend to setup big goals like “I am going to go to the gym atleast 5 days in this week”. If you have never worked out for a long time or just a beginner, this type of goal can be overwhelming.

Imagine this situation, you start off all pumped up on a Monday, one day down, two days’ down, you are going strong and good but the crazy office work becomes the villain on the third day and you couldn’t make it to the gym, fourth day you are so exhausted with your week that you thought to just stay back and relax at home. Then comes the Friday, already end of the week and you have lost all your motivation by then. You already feel failed because you could only make it to the gym twice when you planned for 5 instead.

This has happened to me so many times. One small setback and all the effort made were pointless. I never felt like going back at the gym in fear of failing again. Things began to change when I started setting up small realistic goal, for e.g., going to gym 2-3 times a week. BANG !! that was easy. Done and Dusted. Kept me motivated enough, to plan next week.

Another great example that comes to my mind is breaking down your goals. When I began, I had to lose a total of around 40 lbs. That’s a big number, seemed very difficult. Not if you just break it down into small pieces and make a commitment of losing may be 4-5 lbs. in a month. This looks much better, isn’t it?

Although it is very important to understand and have a vision of long term goals, what keeps you more on track is setting small and achievable goals. Whatever it may be, eating clean, going to the gym, losing weight etc. Victories to these little things will keep you excited, confident and motivated for your overall goal.

Look for what is best for you – Okay, so think about it in this way. Are you a beer person or a wine person? Did you like it right at the first sip? For me, I hated beer when I first drank it. Slowly I developed a taste for it as I tried different varieties and found the one which pleasured my taste buds. In the same fashion, each of us might like a different workout routine. Some people thrive in Zumba while others rock in the weight room. You need to discover your ideal workout, one which interests you.

If you are bored going to the gym and planning your own workout, try the group classes.

If you have a thing for dance, Zumba it is.

If running on treadmill sounds utterly boring, run out on streets or parks or trails.

If you are having a stressful day, just put on some relaxing music and do some Yoga.

To get long term results, it’s very important to enjoy whatever routine you commit to. Switch up your workouts and add variability. There’s truly no wrong choice when it comes to doing something that you love.

Rise from failure – Reality is we all will make mistakes, and we will stumble along the way. Failure is an option, giving up is not.

So what if you were on a 10 days of vacation, So what if you had a couple of cheat meals, So what if you were too sore to show up for workout, don’t stress about it. Just let it go. Don’t think about what you haven’t done. Think about all the positives and how can you come back in your old routine. Letting things go and not overthinking helped me enormously in getting into a consistent fitness routine.

Exercise to feel better – Exercise has lots of benefit beyond weight loss. It makes you feel more energized, happier, physically stronger, you get better sleep. At times it becomes quite de-motivating to keep associating exercise with weight loss. We need to look beyond. Exercise because you love your body.

Have patience and give it time – Transformation don’t happen over night, it takes few months or years to see the result. Don’t give up if you don’t see result. Rome wasn’t built in a day. A 1% improvement everyday would mean we improve 3778% over 1 year or 38 times better than where you started (@RXmindset). Consistency is the key.

Post-workout pictures – Take post-workout selfie everyday. If you think today, it is just a mere picture but putting it all together for a time frame will actually reflect on how many workouts have you already completed. Isn’t this really inspiring ? 🙂


Hope these tips help you in getting a routine.




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  1. Loved this post; could relate to same many points! ❤


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