D.I.E.T – A four letter word

Let me be honest, there was a time when almost everyday I told myself “From today I am going to start dieting, get serious, eat clean, no junk food at all” and within a day or two, I was done.

Eating clean was exhausting because it meant no bread, no rice, no potato, no butter, no ice cream and the list is long. I am a hearty eater and hate it whenever it comes to “DIET”. And how is it even real if you expect some one just to stop eating their favorite food?

Before finding the right balance in my lifestyle, I gave myself a fair chance to try experimenting with different diets like whole 30, paleo, GM etc. From the moment I decide to start a particular diet, my life would lose all it’s charm. With so many restrictions, the stress of what to eat, what not to, made me feel defeated even before I start.

Let’s say you were able to restrict yourself from eating all the sinful food in this world for a month. (Why I say sinful, because high chances are the diet plan you are following will never recommend you to eat that :p) You will lose a fair amount of weight and feel happy. But how long can you refrain from eating all those food? Is the weight you lost maintainable?

My answer is no !! If you are in a habit of eating certain types of food that you enjoy, you cant eliminate it forever from your life. And the minute you get back to your normal eating habit or you will be out of your diet window, you will binge eat, putting back all the weight you lost, or may be more.

Took me a while to understand that what really needed is a complete lifestyle overhaul. In my opinion, DIET is just a mere word, representing failure, stress, lack of confidence, endless struggles and disappointment.


Earlier this year, I learned about counting macros and flexible eating, I started reading and doing my research on it and learned that when it comes to weight loss, it boils down to one basic fact, Calorie in vs calorie out. I started practicing this as I knew this was something which was doable. I felt happy about it as it taught me how to eat in moderation while fitting in the food I love within recommended macros.

Remember –

What’s realistic is maintainable

What’s maintainable is consistent

What’s consistent is effective

Hats off if whole 30, low carb, paleo or keto is your thing, more power to you, but if you are just jumping from diet to diet, seeing zero result, it’s high time to embrace a balanced lifestyle.

Now, a healthy lifestyle, includes much more than eating a salad or going for short walks. Being consistent with choosing healthy food, get more exercises in your routine, avoid unhealthy and fad diet, sleep 7-9 hours a day, drink plenty of water, find time for yourself, do things that you love to do.

I have thrown out the word D.I.E.T from my life , there is a negative connotation to that word. I eat healthy, enjoy my favorite food in moderation, adhere to a fitness routine, try different challenges everyday, set small achievable goals. I do indulge myself in all those sinful food occasionally, but that is what we call balance. It is very important to set realistic expectations for yourself, when it comes to losing weight.

Worry less about being perfect and more about putting effort because when you put in effort every single day, that is where transformation happens and change occurs.

Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 9.01.13 PM

Be active, be health and be happy.



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